Monday, 29 December 2014

Saying goodbye to 2014 and embracing 2015


               December is about to end and here i am trying to wrap myself around with wild n almost impossible ideas on how i'll spend my 2015 that would make it super duper fun and extraordinary. I'd always have this active mind near-end of the year where i would want to change almost every lazy slash bad thing i have that hinders me from being genuinely happy. I would always be motivated to change for the better and to spend my time the right way. I get this extra umph in me because i always saw the end of the year event as an opportunity for me to start all over again. It was a second chance at life and how i would want things to go. Basically, it was my reset button.

2014 has been the most enjoyable AND terrifying roller coaster ride of my life... yet. It has the most ups and downs both out of my imagination. I fell in love, i fell out of love,  i got lost and still am trying to find my way back.
It just saddens me that i'm ending my year in such a low note.
I try to avoid drama but every. single. time. it clings to me like a rash.
So maybe, it's my lifestyle that i needed to change.

I wanted to greet my 2015 with positivity so my new year's resolution
 is to strive for peace of mind.
All I want right now is to be genuinely happy and contented.
So i made a list of things i want to start doing when 2015 comes....
(it's just like my very own happiness project)
  1. Slow down. My life is at a fast pace right now, with college, family, friends, drama and everything that has been happening that makes me forget the little things. I want to start to enjoy the present and stop thinking of the future. Take time to breathe and listen.
  2. Be healthier. My weight was not a big problem for me because i can control the amount of calories i intake. Although for 2015, i want stop constantly looking at the mirror and asking myself if what i'm wearing makes me look fat. It's not about what other people think, but it's what i think about myself and my body. So i decided to start eating healthy and start hitting the gym more often than usual so that i can get my desired weight and abs so that i can be satisfied with how i look like physically and what i feel like inside. 
  3. Laugh more, worry less.  I get grumpy easily and i tend to get all moody. So laughing my stress away would be a terrific idea to let myself cool down and hakuna matata.
  4.  Family time. Losing a boyfriend and parting ways with my high school friends makes me feel  kind of lonely but that's when i realise that WHATEVER happens your family would always be there. So spending more time with them would fill up the holes in my heart and slowly heal my scars.
  5. Try new things. I've always hated running, but since i want to be healthier, i'll learn to love it. I've always wanted to try yoga and maybe try reading a book. I wanted to paint but never had the time to. I want to start giving people gifts and study whenever i have an exam. I want to dance contemporary because it makes me express my deepest feelings more. I just have to learn stop being in control at times and start living in the now
  6. Forgive and let go. So much has offended me and left me with a hole in my heart. Although, i don't want to bring grudges with me when new year comes so i'll forgive the people that had done me wrong and let them go. If not having them in my life would make me a better and happier person then i won't have it any other way.
  7. Love and Trust. I'm still scared of falling in love and trusting someone too much. I'm afraid of getting too hurt because i barely survived my last one... but this time i have convinced myself to take the risk. Maybe things would still end up the way it did with the last guy but at least i gave it a try. Getting hurt is frightening but it makes me a stronger person so what the heck. 
  8. Let God. Lastly, i want to stop expecting for what's to come in my life and just let God do his magic. I would just have to wait and hold on to the thought that the man up there has big plans for me and you. So i just have to let things be.

Capping off my how-to-embrace 2015, i would just want to tell everyone to be thankful for whatever happened to you this past year wether it is good or bad. You wouldn't be the person you are today without facing each one of them.

So kudos to you for growing this 2014!! Happy Holidays, my loves!!! 

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