Wednesday, 23 September 2015

From 100-0 Real Quick

   August 21, 2015 

Today was definitely a day to remember...
My family decided to go to La Union for a "Last Hurrah" before school starts. We wanted to catch some waves and relax. At first it was going smoothly but in the end, God had other plans for me.

After a 6 hour drive, we finally arrived at La Union. We checked in the resort and i immediately ran to the sea shore to check up on the waves. They were pretty scary and a lil' wild because a storm was coming, but nonetheless i've always loved the beach so i saw it as a challenge and less of a warning.

(wall art at the Resort)
       We started to learn how to surf and all but the rain started to pour as well. It was pretty chilly yet the company i had gave warmth to the experience. After few good rides, i felt a slight ache on my lower back. I told my instructor about it and he told me it was perfectly normal for first time surfers, so I stopped minding it and continued on paddling and paddling as the waves started to build.. But the pain started to really REALLY bother me, luckily, my instructor said that we should head back to the shore for it was getting late. It was a real challenge for me to go back to shore because the current was getting stronger, the wind was getting wilder and I was getting weaker. For a small girl like me, carrying a 6 foot board, swimming against the current was definitely the cherry on top.  

(Posted this IG photo before it all happened)
    When I got to the shore, I felt odd. My legs started to feel numb and I started to lose control of them. I managed to walk about 300 meters more before I needed the help of my brother. It was really strange and I thought my legs were just super tired from swimming and surfing. (Know, just like the feeling after you had leg day at the gym) I was carried to our car so we can all head back the resort as soon as we can and rest. After a couple of hours.... I had lost control of my lower extremities. COMPLETELY.

   Yes, Everything was just getting started.

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